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In my fourth year, there was an assignment dealing with different types of denoising. One of them was black-white grain noise, so I made a shader that only resampled those pixels. I was quite impressed with the result.

Mars Rover Webcam Pano

I helped out with UW's Mars Rover team. One of the things I did was try to get a merged view of the webcams that were on the rover. Since there wasn't much time before the competition (and I had a huge workload during that semester), I didn't have time to try any fancy approaches (RANSAC), and approximated with an affine transform. This didn't end up being used for the rover, as anything other than the ground would diverge.

Specular + Diffuse Shading

An implementation of Phong shading. Video here.

Zoom effect

I was looking at a website with a "louppe" effect (disqus.com, the site has changed since then), so I wanted to try doing it with a shader. Then, I added a "drop-off" effect - it seemed aesthetically pleasing.