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M68K GDB Stub

As part of ECE354, each student grouped up into a team and wrote a RTOS for the Motorola 68000 CPU / Coldfire board. The first two weeks of my team’s work was getting GDB working on the board. Check it out here. It also works with the CPU emulator.


I sponsored and did quite a bit of work to help with my brother’s quadcopter when he was back in highschool. Here’s the code Github page.

Teensy chip programming

I wanted to make the closed-loop response of my quadcopter faster (AHRS to ESC path). I got a Teensy 2.0 to read serial from AHRS, send PWM to the ESCs, and read USB from the motherboard for direction info. I only got as far as making a blinking LED and interfacing with x86 through raw USB. See projects here and here.